Do you use glass or plexi/acrylic for your frames?

Last updated 4 months ago

For glazing, acrylic is used (instead of traditional glass) based on its lighter weight, strength and level of clarity. Our standard glaze is a framing grade Acrylite® FF-3. You can also choose a UV+ version (Acrylite® OP-3) to filter out 100% of UV rays that can fade paper-based artwork over time, or the Non-Glare version which is 99% UV protective and minimizes glare/reflection for unhindered viewing of the artwork. The Non-Glare version might cause a minute loss of clarity due to the matte coating. If you have any questions about which glaze is right for your artwork, we can help.

Clean and protect your acrylic with a microfiber cloth and/or an acrylic cleaner, never use any type of window glass cleaner.